Be Careful What You Think

If you are going to win the battle of the mind and defeat your enemy, where you focus your attention is crucial. The more you meditate on God’s Word, the stronger you’ll become and the more easily you’ll win the victories.

Too many Christians don’t realize the difference between meditating on the Bible and reading the Bible. They like to think that whenever they read God’s Word, they’re absorbing the deep things of God. Those who meditate on God’s Word are those who think–and think seriously–about what they’re reading.

They may not put it in these words, but they are saying, “God, speak to me. Teach me. As I ponder Your Word, reveal its depth to me.”

In today’s scripture I quoted from Psalm 1. This psalm begins by defining the person who is blessed, and then points out the right actions of that person. The psalmist wrote that those who meditate–and do it day and night–are like productive trees…and everything they do shall prosper.

The psalmist made it quite clear that meditating on God’s Word brings results. As you ponder who God is and what He’s saying to you, you’ll grow. It’s really that simple. If you read about and allow your mind to focus on God’s love and power, that’s what operates in you.

Be careful what you think about. The more you think about good things, the better your life will seem. The more you think about Jesus Christ and the principles He taught, the more you become like Jesus and the stronger you grow. And as you grow, you win the battle for your mind.

Pray: Lord God, help me to think about the things that honor You. Fill my life with a hunger for more of You and Your Word so that in everything I may prosper. I ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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FemiliPNG Bulolo Outreach

The Union of Watut River Communities Association Incorporated is humble for the preveledge in partnering with FemiliPNG to conduct outreach into Bulolo and Watut River Communities.

We join FemiliPNG in our believe that ‘many people in Papua New Guinea, especially women and children are impacted by Family and Sexual Violence (FSV).’

FemiliPNG is a local NGO based in Lae that runs a Case Management Centre to assist survivors of family FSV to access the services they need. The targeted population is women, men or children who are survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence and/ child abuse.


Below is the program:

26th May – 02nd June 2018
(Saturday to Saturday)

Station 1@ Bulolo
Accommodation: Pine Lodge

Arrived on Saturday 26th May 2018 @ Bulolo.


Day 1: Sunday 27th May 2018
#Day Session – St Steven Lutheran Church (Bulolo Town)
+ Pastor Yaling
* Care Center – Tribal Conflict Refugees
+ Ps Makis

##Evening Session – Catholic Dioeses Bulolo
+ Farther John Nake
Station 2 @ Baiune Bridge
Accommodation: AOG Baiune Bridge, Ps Erick Joseph

Day 2: Monday 28th May 2018
#Day Session – School & Aid Post Visits
08:00-10:00 Sambio Primary School
10:30-11:30 Sambio Aid Post
12:00-13:00 Baiune High School
13:00-14:00 Baiune Primary School
14:00-15:00 Baiune Aid Post

## Evening Session
Waeng Camp (Samsam/ Pelenkwa)
Ward 17/Mumeng LLG
+ Niko Kiakia

Day 3: Tuesday 29th May 2018
Day Session – AOG Women’s Fellowship & Others
Ward 17/Mumeng LLG
+ Pastor Erick Joseph
+ Angela Erick
+ George Paul

* Bulolo District Administration
* Bulolo Police Station
* Bulolo Health Center

* Visit Mumeng LLG
* Mumeng Health Center
* Mumeng Police Station

## Evening Session: Upper Baiune
Ward 18/Mumeng LLG
+ Cr Jeffry Kaiau

Day 4: Wednesday 30th May 2018
#Day Session- Taiek Village
Ward 20/Mumeng LLG
+ Cr. Lawrence Yapi
+ Mr. Samuel Elia
+ Mrs Margaret Lini

## Evening Session: Sambio Village
Ward 16/Mumeng LLG
+ Cr. Baleng Peter
+ Mrs Fredah Wesley
+ Mr. Steven Baka
Station 3@ Kapin
Accommodation: Mr. Donald Mete
Day 5: Thursday 31st May 2018
Day Session – Dambi Village
(Dambi, Dangar, Gawapu, Piu, Biamena)
Ward 23, 24 & 25/Mumeng LLG
+ Councillor Labuni Gelinde
+ Councilor Peter Mathew

Day 6: Friday 01st June 2018
Day Session – Gwasak Parish Center or Nayakes (Kapin, Galawo, Sanang)
Ward 21 and 22
+ Pastor Ngayaeng Gedisa
+ Mr. Lazerus Titi
+ Councillor Peter Mathew
+ Councillor Mark Nganining
+ Mr. Teta Christian
+ Mrs. Mitingano Sali
Day 7: Saturday 02nd May 2018
Depart Middle Watut back to Lae


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Library needed for Tsiletsile Primary School

Mr Yanampo Laidimin is the Head Master of Tsiletsile Primary School in Lower Watut of Wampar LLG, Huon Gulf District.

This Level 4 Primary School has seven committed teachers and is in dire need of a Library building and Library books.

Picture: Meeting Mr. Laidimin in front of the current school library build with bush materials.

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Kapin -Transformational Experience

Words by Tamara Dee, Students @YWAM Kona

It was honor doing ministry in most beautiful village. Pouring out into the people and them pouring out into us has been transformational.

God has revealed Himself so much to me and it is such a privilege to serve these beloved people.

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Kapin village Encounter

Words by Simon Wong – Students@ YWAMKONA

We can finally say we live in the jungle! Going up the mountains on a small truck with almost 20 of us packed in when it was dark has got to be one of the best experience I’ve had in my life.

The view was so magic and unreal, coupled with the most thrilling rollercoaster ride of my life, this is an experience I would never want to forget.

Hiking up and down the mountains just to show people the love of Jesus was definitely so worth it! Seeing lives saved and transformed and pointing all that glory to God brings me so much joy.

Knowing that we are bringing a little of Heaven down each time we go out and do these things just pushes me on to do more and more for His Kingdom.

Thank God for all the souls won, all the healings, all the encounters the villagers had, all of His presence poured out, and most of all, keeping us all safe and sound.

Kapin 1 (Sambus) and Kapin 2 (Givekes) village/May 2018 @ Bulolo District

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Morobe Minerals and Metals Limited (Part 1).

Morobe Minerals & Metals Limited

Established by Bulolo District Development Authority (BDDA) in 2015 to play a leading role in protecting local interest which will benefit the landowners and Bulolo District.

BDDA holds 45% shares to generate internal revenues to supplement the District budget.

BDDA has already bearing some of the financial obligation and gives endorsement for the company to commence business in the District.

Mineral Exploration

Morobe Minerals and Metals Limited is a registered company with IPA (1-107879) and have applied for Exploration Tenements within Bulolo District.

Environmental Management Services Engagement

The BDDA has formally engaged Environmental Management Services to provide service for Geotechnical Services, Geological Advice, Environmental and Tenement Services for duration of two years commencing on September 01st, 2015.

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Youth Work Principles

Principles of Youth Work – Youth Empowerment Strategy (YES)

Whether working in church or community settings, the role is to empower young people to reach potential based on seven principles:
1) A Youth Development Focus;
2) A Strengths base approach;
3) Quality relationship;
4) Deep and Wide;
5) Building participation;
6) Seeing a whole pictures; and
7) Strengthen (restoring) positive connections.

1. A Youth Development Focus:
Every young person needs a village thus a healthy village meets four (4) essential needs. These are Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity.

2. A Strengths Base Approach:
Seeing the potential in every young person. These helps a youth worker to look past the problem to understand the needs. It includes changing language about young people.

3. Quality Relationships
High value of connections between two or more people.

It includes Caring, Embracing, Trust and Honesty, Sharing, Supporting, Loving, Empowering, Truthfulness, etc. These is about Care, Time and Presence with Consistent or ongoing relationship.

4. Deep and Wide
Deep is about youth journeying with few people in a community or area. Few people are following until meeting their dreams or goal. These is inclusive of Time and Presence, Mentoring, Councilling and Care.

Wide means engaging with the mess or good number of people. Many people are following but will left along the way. It also means bringing service to all community such as Funding, Scholarships, Activities and Programs.

5. Building Participation
Involving young people in being part of a solution. When young people contribute to their community, they are developing responsibility and generosity.

6. Seeing a Whole Picture
Understanding a young person in an wholestic approach. Its includes Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual as well as Environmental.

7. Strengthen Positive Connection
Relationships with family, education, church, culture, sports, employment.
Connection is starting of the relationship. It builds and respect along the journey. Understanding how wider influences affect the world of a young person.

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